ESS Restet Velocity N. Disabling Mach

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ESS Restet Velocity N. Disabling Mach

Postby JimEE » Mon Jun 18, 2018 6:07 pm

I built this cnc router and tried to fire it up to drill a series of holes to screw the spoil board to the table. I am using mach4 (the trial version) ESS, the new version and V Carve Pro. A couple of question here: I did a little drawing to lay out the holes, tool path etc. and saved the tool path, when a tool path is saved what file ext. does it save as? Mine saved as a txt. I used that. When I ran that I got a message, "ESS Reset Velocity N. Disabling Mach". What does that mean? Also when I looked for a post processor all I could find was mach2/3. where do I get one for mach4.
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