Creating Rounding Toolpath

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Creating Rounding Toolpath

Postby nikonwalker » Sun May 27, 2018 10:05 am

Hi Guys
I have recently set up my rotary axis , sent my Rotary post processor to Vectric Support just to check if all OK and it was.
Today I tried to mill 42mm square to 40mm diameter, for what ever reason I got 35mm dia, tried to put text onto it and it went deeper than it should , consequently ruining my project. Tried again double checking all my measurement inputs and it did the same thing. I didnt want to waste another piece so I set the text for the top of my timber , text turned out perfect.
I checked the z axis, all works perfect on flat projects.
When I start a rotary job the chuck spins 180 degree before cutting , why does it not cut where I zero the X and Y .
Any help would be much appreciated before I start using expensive timber.
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