Which direction is Climb and Conventional in Vcarve Wizard

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Which direction is Climb and Conventional in Vcarve Wizard

Postby Lrob » Mon May 22, 2006 1:55 am

I set up a file to cut an elipse in a conventional direction. I chose to have the toolpath on the line. I want the inside part to be my finished part.

When I actually cut the part out the tool moved in a clockwise direction. I thought that conventional was a counterclockwise direction. I went back and checked the toolpath preview in Vcarve, and sure enough it moved in a clockwise direction when I had checked the conventional direction. So which direction is which.

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Postby Paco » Mon May 22, 2006 5:01 am

An image would be better but...

if you cut out a part and cutting clockwise (assuming your router/spindle is turing clockwise looking from above), then it's climb cutting. If you cut out a hole and still cutting clokwise around the design, it's conventionnal cutting.

In your case, it's climbing... the cut! You are right in that cutting out a part in counterclockwise direction is conventional.

Submit any such observation to support... just make sure it's all set as you believed... :wink:
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Postby BrianM » Mon May 22, 2006 7:44 am

Hi Larry,

I chose to have the toolpath on the line

For the machine along a line strategy, you can select multiple crossing vectors, open vectors etc so VCarve Wizard does not try and orientate the vectors for this strategy. For Version 3 we will grey out the climb / conventional option when the "Machine Vectors ... On" option is chosen, sorry for the confusion.

With regard to which way round the vector is climb and conventional, this depends on if the vector is representing an 'outside' profile or a 'hole'. When you choose machine 'Outside' or 'Inside' you give VCW enough information to be able to calculate the required direction and VCW will orientate all the nested vectors for the correct cutting directions. If you just tell it to machine along the centre of the line, VCW does not know for a particular vector which side of the cut represents the finished part and so which direction to cut to make it climb or conventional.

I hope this makes sense, if not just ask again :)

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Postby Lrob » Mon May 22, 2006 7:14 pm

Thanks Brian and Paco.

I found that if I have the tool make an outside cut, vs an "ON" cut I do get the proper counter clockwise cut when I select the conventional option.

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