How do ya'll line-up your material when you tile?

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How do ya'll line-up your material when you tile?

Postby shooter1940 » Tue Aug 01, 2017 12:36 am

I am having trouble lining up my material to make a sign with the lettering to match up. Got to be doing something wrong. What do all of ya'll do. Please help I am a complete newbi so go easy on me. I have watched the video but it doesn't say anything about keeping the material straight. Unless of coarse I might not of seen it!
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Re: How do ya'll line-up your material when you tile?

Postby ctbjdm » Tue Aug 01, 2017 12:58 am

Hi there,

I use alignment holes in my projects for tiling - I just completed a 6' (72") growth ruler on my 4' (48") CNC. I tiled it at 40" and did a 4" overlap (so it went up to 44"). Within the project I carved 1/4" holes in waste space of the project all the way down into the spoilboard at Y=0, Y=4", Y=40" and Y=44". Tile 1 included all these holes.

Then for tile 2, I moved the project down and anchored it using 1/4" metal dowels (which went through the project into the spoilboard) at what was 40" and 44" (which is now 0" and 4" for tile 2).

I moved my CNC to the appropriate X and Y=0 and confirmed that my 1/4" end mill fit into the first hole. Loosely clamped it. Then moved Y=4" on the CNC and confirmed the 1/4" end mill fits in the hole - using two holes validates both X and Y. Depending on your project you can do multiple sets of holes to confirm alignment.

You can see videos that describe this process here:
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