Dear Becky...

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Dear Becky...

Postby RobSm » Wed Feb 15, 2017 5:52 am

Thank you for tutorials on the 2 sided leaf bowl.

I have completed a set of three varying the size and orientation.

When I took them from the machine i was intrigued to see that the machine marks around the rim lent a sort of artistic senescence to the pieces.

My wife said not to be so bloody lazy and sand them!

So next time I do these you are invited to come and help with the detail sanding.

To anyone else out there who might be reading Becky's mail there was another surprise. The applications of finish were giving vastly different results from piece to piece and also from side to side on the same pieces WTF?
I then twigged that aside from the flat bottoms 95% of the surfaces presented various conformations of end grain!! given that and that autumn leaves are almost by definition not perfect specimens anymore I took the view that que sera sera and went along for the ride.I turned out quite well So the message is - in these bowl thingies - LOTS of end grain!.
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