Setting depth of cut for 3d finishing guitar

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Setting depth of cut for 3d finishing guitar

Postby macguitars » Thu Jun 30, 2016 11:45 am

Here is my dilema, i am importing a Rhino 3d file and am attempting to mill the belly tuck on the back of a guitar blank also the arm rest on the front side. It is easy enough to create the vectors but no matter what process i attempt, 3d roughing + finishing, or 3d finishing alone it will create a pocket below the surface in the vectored region. The stock has been pre milled to the appropriate thickness and I wanted to have a smooth transition to final milled surface. It seems in order to blend it all together i have to do a full surface finishing pass ( adding quite a bit of time to the task) and that also removes a good deal of material as well.

Is there a way to just create a smooth transition from these 3D process to an existing flat surface.

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