Using tool pass depth settings with templates?

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Using tool pass depth settings with templates?

Postby eabrust » Sun Jan 31, 2016 4:35 pm

Hi all,

I am using VCarve Pro v8.0 (latest update .024). I'm trying to use the 'specify path depths', (more specifically, use the 'set first pass depth' to ensure a compression style bit is plunged deep enough for a clean cut), then save off the toolpaths into a template so it can be used in a multi-sheet project and using the gadget 'Apply Template to all sheets'.

As an example, I'm creating a 'pocket' toolpath, with a total depth of .355" , and setting the 1st path depth to .275 (to ensure compression bit is buried far enough first path). This all calculates fine in the initial program, gives two paths at .275" and .355" depths respectively, so I export the toolpath into a template.

when I bring the template into the final project, the toolpaths cut the proper .355" total depth, but it automatically splits the depths into equal depths of .178" deep each. If it was a few toolpaths, I'd correct them manually, but I have several sheets with several paths per sheet, so I'd really like to get the template setup correctly for use with the gadget.

Does anyone know if the 'specify cut depth' info is transferred along as part of a toolpath template file(s), and if it is can anyone suggest what I'm doing incorrectly?

Thanks in advance for any help!

what I set in initial setup file and try to save out as a template
coming in as template.png
what I get in final file when calculating paths with template
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