Feature Request - Button/Dialog names should match.

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Feature Request - Button/Dialog names should match.

Postby tamathumper » Thu Oct 30, 2008 2:13 pm

Naming conventions are very important. Could you please update your product line so that the menu options and button names (tooltips) and the dialog boxes they invoke have matching (and unique) names?

    - Perhaps of most concern is the button "Setup Material" which opens the dialog called "Material Setup". Not so bad until you realize that selecting "Material Size" from the Edit menu opens a similarly-named but different dialog called "Material Setup". This has caused confusion in the forums and for new customers. :shock:
    - Pressing "Scale Selected Vectors" opens a dialog called "Set Size". The names of all four translation buttons (move, scale, rotate, mirror) open dialogs of varying names. This has also caused confusion in the forums. Most notably for me :oops:
    - Pressing the first three "Draw <vector>" buttons opens dialogs saying "Draw <vector>" but then pressing "Draw Text" opens a dialog called "Create Text". Not a big deal, but non-standard. :?
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