Circles not coming out round

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Circles not coming out round

Postby samjenp » Mon Oct 30, 2017 12:37 pm

Hi ,
I'm having problems with circles coming out oval shaped.
This is my first time trying to engrave of a PCB board.
The pads and circular parts came out odd shaped.
Straight Lines and squares are ok, except a couple of the diagonal ones came out too close together, they were perfectly space, but just started in the wrong place

I am using the 'gcode_arc_mm' post'processor '.

I also used a 30 deg 0.2 mm engraving bit.

On larger (non PCB) projects I used a 3 mm router bit and I notice circles are slightly out of shape but no where as bad as this.

Does anyone know what the problem cold be?
Is there some kind of calibration issue?
is there a GRBL setting I have wrong ?

I attached an image of the Cut2d tool path and a photo of what the PCB came out like (which is pretty crap)

any help would be appreciated

looper PCB.jpg

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Re: Circles not coming out round

Postby IslaWW » Mon Oct 30, 2017 12:52 pm

In all but the most rare cases, any difference in your results on the machine to that of the preview would be mechanical. Most likely machine tuning or its ability to perform at the programmed speeds.
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