Vectric transfer

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Vectric transfer

Postby asboyd » Thu Mar 09, 2017 3:01 am

Hi Guys,
Just wondering if the Vectric transfer supplied with Cut2D laser has made it out of Beta yet?

I am using the original beta version supplied with Cut2D laser 8.0 and was wondering if there was/will be a production release?
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Re: Vectric transfer

Postby JaredHooper » Thu Mar 23, 2017 5:57 pm

New to this forum. I got the Cut2DLaser program when I purchased the Emblaser diode laser machine three years ago. At that time there was no V-tranfer program and I was successfully using UGS (Universal Gcode Sender) with it. About a year later there was an upgrade to Cut2DLaser and the first beta version of v-transfer was included. It worked well for me the past few years.

Last week i became aware (through the Darkly Labs forum) that an upgrade to Cut2D Laser V 8.5.7 was available so I downloaded and installed that. It also included a newer version (still beta) of v-transfer (v 1.1). When I installed these the older v 8.0 of Cut2D Laser wasn't overwritten but the V-tranfer was so I have two versions of C2D laser but only one of the v-transfer. When I tried to use it the newer v-transfer loads the file when sent direct from Cut2D but showed "Alarm" status. I was able to home the machine, jog to a start position and zero the xy coordinates but the alarm status wouldn't go away and I was unable to run the file.

I tried uninstalling the newer version of v-tranfer and reverted to an older version (v 1.0) but then I was unable to home or jog the machine and the Alarm status sill showed and I could find no way to get beyond that.

I was able to run the files created in the newer, and older, versions of C2D Laser by using PicSender and UGS so the problem must be with v-transfer.

I really like C2D Laser and also liked the simplicity of v-tranfer (when it was working) but I'm frustrated with v-transfer at the moment. I hope this can be fixed soon.
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