Video clip of backlit litho

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Video clip of backlit litho

Postby CapriRS » Thu Aug 30, 2007 2:19 pm

You may want to right click and Save As. The file is 1.6MB and approx 20 seconds long.

This was done by using an A4 sized edge lit LED panel with a dimmer control. Presently, the litho is just laying on top of the LED panel so I'll need to make some kind of frame to mount both together. The video was taken in a room with flourescent lights and near a window mid-afternoon here in Arizona so there is plenty of lumens.
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Postby zoltan » Thu Aug 30, 2007 9:25 pm


What is this panel? Have made it or you bought it? If you made it could you please share the design and what type of LEDs and what dimmer? Could you, please, give us more details?

Thank you.

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Postby CapriRS » Fri Aug 31, 2007 2:21 am

I bought it. After a lot of research, I decided I could not make something like this for any reasonable cost and time. With the dimmer, it was US $120. Without the dimmer, it's US $80.
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Postby srmaietta » Tue Sep 04, 2007 3:06 am

Looks great!. $120 is steep, but if you make it into a frame that you can slide different lithos into, it would make an interesting picture box type of thing. especially if you incorporate slots or a tray or box to hold 5-10 different inages it might be really cool.

Has anyone tried filling in the cut area of the litho with clear resin to provide strength and durability to the thin sections? And to keep dust and dirt out of the details.. and to make them easy to clean.. Id do this if I had a setup where people were changing the lithos in and out regularly.

gotta cut some more of these.

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