Test cut sailboat

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Test cut sailboat

Postby moto633 » Sat Oct 11, 2008 1:59 am

This doesn't even come close to the Intarsia posted here :oops:

I cut this useing an .125 rotozip saber bit from Lowes.

It took almost 2hrs at about 8fpm 12000rpm with a 8% stepover. Does that seem about right for something like this?

I did it in one pass I had to slow the feed rate way down because the bit was flexing to much. I thought it was going to snap and shot into my eyeball :shock: I was watching pretty close :lol:

Hey Don FYI that is your standerd 1973 American dime :lol:

Thanks for looking at my miniscuelle attempt at cut 3d,

Guess it helps to have a picture. Sorry
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