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New User question

Postby JLondon » Sun Oct 14, 2018 12:31 am

I'm currently using V-Carve Pro and wish I could afford Aspire. So I'm looking at Cut3D. My question/s are... 1) can 3d do pretty much the same as Aspire other than not being able to create my own model within the program? I was looking at the free Vectric projects page and the "Man Box" for instance ( ... n-box.html ) says that it requires Aspire 8.5 or higher. Why? Won't Cut 3D open the file? Of all the videos I've seen on Cut 3D, I'm not seeing anything concerning the "Man Box" or similar projects that 3D can't handle. I'm sure this question can be a deep well, but I'm just trying to get the basic idea and the listed program restriction of the aforementioned project confuses me. 2) If I can, in fact import project models like the one I described, am I going to need yet another program to translate/send the tool paths to my CNC? Or will programs like I'm currently using (Easel and/or PicSender) still work for 3D carving?
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Re: New User question

Postby IslaWW » Sun Oct 14, 2018 1:12 am

VCPro can cut any file that Aspire can. Or Cut3D for that matter, except Cut3D has some multi sided options that VCPro does not.

The free monthly files are, by design, offered every other month as an Aspire, then VCPro file. This is intended to provide value to the higher cost title and of course, to entice you to upgrade. Its just business. Actually good business, those that pay the most, should get the most.
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Re: New User question

Postby ger21 » Sun Oct 14, 2018 3:08 pm

Cut 3D most likely can not open Aspire files.
Also, that project most likely contains 2D vectors and toolpaths, which cut 3D can't do.
Yes, Cut3D can cut any 3D object just like Aspire, but realize that in many cases, 2D vectors and toolpaths give much faster and more efficient toolpaths, and Cut3D does not support these.
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